The Vinny Garden

In this secluded part of the gardens alongside the Vinny Water you will find a small Cupid struggling with his bow and arrow. Probably planted in Victorian times, the area now includes some huge variegated hollies and a monkey puzzle and a fine North American tulip tree. Pride of place, thought, must surely go to the paperbark maple, (Acer griseum) which greets you as you enter the garden – a tree now believed to be extinct in its native Manchuria.


The Gardens

Most visitors begin their tour of Pitmuies in the first walled garden which provides fruit and vegetables for the house.Here some very old apple and pear trees have been joined by two quinces.

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Garden Walks

Through the gate at the foot of the garden is a small meadow, formerly a drying and bleaching green for the chapel-like “gothick” wash-house, built over 200 years ago.

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Our History

Pitmuies has known three periods – the first of a house recorded in the late 1500s. Remains of that house, with its worn stone spiral staircase faces south over the garden. The grander west facing front is believed to date from 1680's .

About our history
Pitmuies Gardens are open daily from 1st April until 31st October, 10am - 5pm