Formal Garden

The Summer Borders

An archway of clipped silver pear ( Pyrus salicifia ‘Pendula’) frames the central walk of herbaceous borders and a sundial, all flanked by a dark red hedge of cherry plum (Prunus cerosifera ‘Pissardii’). A “ravine of flowers”, it is as its best in June and July.

The Rose Garden

To the right, below the house, a series of three rose terraces are linked by stone steps to the central fountain and pond. Long delphinium borders lie alongside stretching the length of the terraces. Many of the varieties have been grown in the garden since the 1920’s. They are edged by dark iris.

On the far side, a green trellis with climbing roses divides the rose garden from the blue and yellow herbaceous borders and the massive yew hedge that protects the whole garden from the prevailing south-west wind.

The Cherry Tree Walk

At the foot of the Rose Garden, a line of eight shiny-barked cherry trees (Prunus serrula tibetica)  leads towards the old grass tennis court and is backed by a white trellised walk where clematis mingle with climbing roses and Himalayan poppies flourish among exotic ferns, hostas and iris. The huge lilies (Cardiocrinum cordata) were grown from seed collected in Japan in 1992. The former tennis court now boasts paved corners and a central roundel sprouts stately spikes of “Bear’s Breek’s”  (Acanthus mollis), foxtail lilies and galtonias planted around a modern slate sculpture by the celebrated Joe Smith and his daughter Jenny.  The whole area is backed by low walls, shrubs and small trees. Beyond lies an expansive and varied shrub border.